Simulation & Training Solutions


Developing high-fidelity training devices to optimize performance, with manufacturing capabilities and a select group of skilled craftsmen working within an environmentally controlled floor space.

Metters’ Modeling, Simulation, and Training Division (MST), is in Orlando, Florida, strategically located in the Research Park of Orlando, adjacent to the University of Central Florida and less than a quarter mile from the various Orlando-based DoD Program Management offices, including the U.S. Army’s PEO STRI office and U.S. Navy’s NSA division.

Our facility consists of environmentally-controlled manufacturing floor space. We have multiple low and high-bay assembly areas with clear ceiling heights to accommodate large items. Each of the high bay areas has large overhead doors, permitting easy movement of large parts and items.

Metters MST has comprehensive capabilities for mechanical fabrication, machining, assembly, model making, and wiring. We have capabilities to handle most common manufacturing jobs in house, without the need to be dependent upon outside contractors.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Metters employs a select group of skilled craftsmen to produce products using standard machining, welding, and other traditional manufacturing techniques, as well as, more modern computer assisted manufacturing such as water jet cutting and CNC machining.

Our model-makers have years of experience with patterns, molds, models, parts, and assemblies using various materials including wood, acrylic, clay, polyester, plaster, and engineered plastics. Collectively, our workers possess decades of direct experience in the field of manufacturing, model/mold design, and production. Critical processes and systems necessary to meet current challenges of composite manufacturing technology have been established and standardized for repeatability and efficiency.

From development and prototype projects to moderate quantity production jobs, Metters delivers high quality, economical solutions to satisfy customer needs.

Engineering Expertise

Metters’ Engineering Department is inherently structured with the core capabilities that are required in the development of training devices and simulators. Whether for the development of a new training system from the ground up or for reverse engineering of an existing, but undocumented or obsolescence system.

Metters employs mechanical, structural, manufacturing, and electrical engineers who not only have years of experience in the industry, but many have background with the very systems they are designing.

Our engineers utilize various, design, rapid proto-typing, or reverse engineering processes to support development of new or obsolete components. Whether designing from supplied drawings, onsite physical measurements, or using advanced techniques such as 3-D scanning, our engineers have the necessary knowledge for the design phase of a product.

Past Performance Examples

Designed and built simulated Apache AH-64D M-TADS Maintenance Training Device. Trainers support three main areas of maintenance training: removal and installation of components, fault isolation procedures, and functional maintenance operational checks. Simulated devices provide a complex, durable, and realistic simulation of the M-TADS at 10-15% of the cost of using actual aircraft component for training tasks.

Fabricated 50+ Bradley Advanced Training System (BATS) gunnery trainers. These trainers reproduced the turret section of the M2A3 Bradley vehicle and provided realistic training and sustainment of combat gunnery skills.
Design, fabrication, and integration of two level D CH-47 Operational Trainers providing Army aviators with simulated aircraft training in realistic combat environments. The trainers were, ready for Host/IG software integration. We were required to replicate cockpit components and functionality to a level to achieve FAA Level D certification. Since available data did not support the detailed necessary, Metters modeled the entire OFT, and all sub components in the 3-D design environment.
Designed, fabricated, integrated, tested, and delivered multiple Part Tasks Trainers (PTTs) for the S-70 Helicopter. Specific PTT’ components manufactured were GE T701C turboshaft engine, auxiliary power unit, and the main input module.
Designed, manufactured, tested and delivered four simulated T-701C/D gas turbine engines. The trainers supported critical training tasks, including: removal/replacement of hydro and mechanical systems; perform electrical troubleshooting; perform engine bore scope inspection; and repair of compressor blades.
Design and fabrication of two Engine Room Team Trainers for the submarine, which provides training and qualification activities in realistic shipboard environment
Created, fielded, and supported Army, game-based Training Support Packages (TSPs), which provide platform to train small unit tactics, techniques and procedures suing the Army’s VBS II gaming system
Design, production and testing of C-17 Nacelle engine trainer, providing hands-on maintenance training for Air Force pilots and loadmasters
Design and fabrication of all components of underwater mines, which the Navy’s SPAWARS Marine Mammal program uses to train dolphins and sea lions
Supported SAAB as their exclusive U.S. manufacturer of live-fire targetry equipment, producing 3500+ units used for field gunnery training
U.S. Marine Corps Individual/Crew Served Infantry Weapons Trainers and Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (MTVR) Maintenance Training System
U.S. Army Tube Launched Optically Tracked Wire Guided Missile (TOW) 45 degree cutaway and full missile models
U.S. Army UH-60 and AH-64 Reconfigurable Crew Trainers and AVCATT Flight Control Grips and Sticks
VREC F-16 Cockpit Assemblies
U.S. Army M1A2 Hands On Trainer (HOT) for maintenance training
U.S. Air Force BQM-34 Aircraft and Control Systems Fabrication and Repair Support
U.S. Army CH-47, UH-60, AH-1 and OV-10 Maintenance Trainers